Mission and Vision

Mission and Vision


Here at Jesus Is Lord ~ Assembly of Love, we envision a ministry where through the power of the Holy Spirit, people are saved, the back-slider renews his/her commitment to the Lord, deliverance from bondage occurs, God’s healing power is released, and miracles are experienced. The saved will be protected, nurtured, strengthened and matured. God will receive all glory, honor and praise.

Our pastors, leaders and assembly will accomplish the above with an attitude and motive of love, striving for perfection in every area of ministry. We will flow under God’s anointing power in the areas of discernment and wisdom.

We envision ministering to all races, cultures and social statuses.

A duel church mission, first, one with walls, which will be a safe haven where people can come to magnify, praise and worship God. Our fellowship will promote members to give and receive the following: love, encouragement, forgiveness, and servanthood.

Secondly, a church without walls. This is where we share the good news of Jesus Christ through our Outreach Ministry in public, both formally and informally, to large or small groups and one on one. Outreach and evangelism is necessary to reach the lost and expand the Kingdom of God.

We foresee a ministry where the gifts of the spirit flow with power! People are saved, healed, delivered and set free.

We are a ministry that works with other willing ministries, as the Lord leads, to perform the will of God on earth as it is in Heaven. We believe that Christians should work together as “One Body in Christ.” We envision a Godly facility where the above vision can flow and grow.


Our first mission at Jesus Is Lord ~ Assembly of Love is to bring glory and honor to our Father, God. Always, we will pray, seeking God’s total will for our church. We want to see people not only saved, but we want to see Jesus as Lord of their every day lives. We always want to assemble with a spirit of love on our hearts and in our minds. We are used by God to develop people into fully functioning ministers of Christ.

This is a three-step process:

1. Conversion to Christ. Lead people to salvation in Christ. Secure their interests through teaching and preaching so that they become disciples of Christ. (Luke 15:1-10, 19:1-10, Col. 4:2-6, 2).

2. Commitment to Christ. Support people in understanding that they need to be committed and dedicated to Christ –(committed disciples). We’ll help members bond and connect into this God given ministry & vision by attending services and other activities, when possible. This promotes a spirit of Godly fellowship. (Col. 1:28, Eph 4:12-13, 1Tim 4:7-8).

3. Contribution to Christ. Serving the body by identifying gifts and talents within their divine design and allowing them to contribute to the ministry according to their purpose. (Eph. 4:12)

      • Sharing our Finances. Teach people the biblical principles that will enable them to handle their finances in a Christ honoring way. Also, teaching the biblical principles of tithe and offering and sowing and reaping according to God’s Word. (Act 2:4, 2 Cor. 8-9)
      • Seeking the Lost. We will provide classes in evangelism so that our congregation will understand the importance of outreach ministries. This will allow people to discover their Godly style of sharing their faith with the lost. (Luke 15, Luke 19:1-10)